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How to use this site

How do I look up for hostels?

First you select a state. After that you see a selectionbox where you can select the cities in that state. When you selected a city, you will see a list of all the hostels in that city. You can also use the search by typing a part of the name of an hostel.

I want to place a reaction about an hostel, how do I do that?

When you see the details of an hostel, you see a tabbed row and one of the tabs contains the reactions. Here you can type a reaction and rate it. Although you have to give your email address, this is not visible for other visitors. See also Terms and Conditions for our privacy policy.

I have placed a reaction but it is disappeared, why?

If your reaction is removed, your reaction probably contained text with a high level of discrimination, racism or insults. A bad review will not be deleted, but the text has to meet current standards of polite communication. Spam and commercial texts will be deleted.

What is the meaning of the small icons under Organisations?

These icons show if the hostel is part of the YHA, VIP and/or Nomads organisations.

Book an hostel

How can I book nights in an hostel?

You can book an hostel via the link at the detailed page of an hostel. If there is no link, you can not book that hostel. Bookings are served by Hostelworld.com. See also Terms and Conditions for our privacy policy.

Do I need to book far before I will be there?

Normally you can also book one day before or even at the day of arrival. But be careful if there are special events and holidays. Australians are visiting hostels in their holidays as well and in these cases it is recommended to book earlier. Also popular hostels should be booked earlier.

About the hostels (common information)

Are the rooms supplied with toilets and baths (ensuite)?

Most hostels have shared toilet and bathrooms. Some hostels also offer ensuite rooms. But that will cost a lot more.

Will hostels be closed during the day?

Most hostels are open during the day. Sometimes the desk will be closed around lunchtime.

Is it fun in an hostel during the day?

An hostel is not a camping with extended activities. Sometimes there are organised events but mostly not. But you can meet other people and use the tv room, or play pool.

Can you pay by creditcard in an hostel?

Most hostels will accept creditcards but you have to inform first.

Do I have to use my own linen and sleeping bag?

Sometimes you can use your own sleeping bag or you can use linen supplied for a small fee from the hostel. In some hostels it is forbidden to use your own sleeping bag.

What is the difference between a room and a dorm?

A room you will book for yourself or you and your company and mostly contains max 3 beds. A dorm has more beds (4 till 20 per dorm) and you will share the room with strangers.

About the site

I found an error, how can I inform you?

You can use the page Contact to tell us.

I know information about a nice hostel and this website doesn`t have information about it, how can I inform you?

You can use the page Contact to tell us.

I have a great picture from an hostel listed on your website, how can I send it to you?

You can email the photo to photo@oz-hostels.com. Please give us also your name and the name and the city of the hostel.

Who is owner of this website?

This site is owned by Gumtree.nl.

I have a question, remark or complain, how can I tell you?

You can use the page Contact to tell us.

About the information on this website (for travellers)

Is the information recent?

At the tab Description there is a note when this information is edited for the last time. Off course we will try to keep the information up to date. But we are limited to the information supplied by hostel owners and travellers. If you have more information or if our information is wrong, please use the page Contact to inform us.

How did you get information about the hostels?

This information is supplied by hostel owners and our own and travellers experiences.

Are the prices recent?

The prices of the rooms are common prices and where checked at the date of the last edit. The prices might be higher when you book. Also in summer or with special events the prices are mostly a bit higher. The prices are given in Australian dollars.

What does the term kangaroos mean with an hostel?

Oz-Hostels.com is using a rating system for the hostels. The rate is based on own experiences and information from travellers. One kangaroo means it is a very simple hostel or a bad hostel, while 5 kangaroos mean that this hostel is perfect, with great service and a balanced price - quality.

May I copy this information and use it for my own website?

No, you are not allowed to use any information from this website. All texts, pictures and logos, and the source texts and scripts to show the pages are copyrighted by Gumtree and other organisations.

About the information on this website (for hostel owners)

I am owner of an hostel in Australia and I want my information at your website, how can I send my information to you?

You can use the page Contact to contact us.

What does it cost to have my information at your website?

Nothing at all, it`s free.

Can I have an advertisement or banner at your website?

Yes, that is possible. You can use the page Contact to contact us.

Can I buy more `kangaroos`?

No, that is not possible. We try to rate hostels with real experiences.

How often do you update the information about hostels?

As often as possible. But we are limited by the information what is sent by hostel owners and travellers.

How often do you check the reactions of travellers placed by the hostels?

The reactions are checked every day.

What can I do if the information placed about my hostel is wrong?

You can use the page Contact to contact us.

Can I place a link to Oz-Hostels.com at my website?

Naturally that is possible. Also you can use a banner of Oz-Hostels.com to place at your website. You can use the page Contact to contact us.

How can I offer online bookings via your website?

You can use the page Contact to contact us.

Some travellers wrote bad things about my hostel, can you delete that?

No, only texts containing a high level of discrimination, racism or insults will be deleted. A bad review can be true and it will not be deleted.

Can I react at a reaction from a traveller about my hostel?

Yes, that is only possible by placing your own reaction. We don`t supply email addresses to other people.

Can you remove information about my hostel from your website, because I get only bad reviews?

Yes, that is possible. You can use the page Contact to contact us.